Everyday spammers are out there harvesting domain owner’s information from publicly available Whois database. But with WhoisGuard on your domain, this issues are avoided. We offer WhoisGuard protection as an add-on to your domains in order to protect your Name, Email, Address, and phone Number against spammers, and online fraudsters.

Instead of yours, our information is placed on the public whois database and generate a unique whois email for your business so that any email sent to the address will be automatically be forwarded to you, thus relieving you from junk.

WhoisGuard Privacy-Protection

₵20 First Year!

Select ID Protection when you register an eligible new domain name or transfer an existing eligible domain into StormerHost, you’ll protect your information from spammers are out there.

Renew For ₵ 20/year!

With our cheap WhoisGuard privacy protecton price, you only pay GH₵ 20 after first year to continue protection of your details. Register your new domain or Transfer domain to StormerHost to protect yourself…


  • Protecting Your Identity

All your private details are protected with and masked making it difficult for identity theft and spammers to find their way into your inbox. Don’t ever let your information get into the wrong hands, protect your identity.

  • Kill Spam

We hate spam and we are sure you do too. Having a Whois protected domain would definitely ensure that no one would bother your private Email with hoards of unwanted  traps and scams.

WhoisGuard Privacy
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